Optical Fiber Identifier

OFI-20A can detect optical signal presence, type and direction anywhere on fibers during optical network deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting. With non-destructive macro-bend detection technology, it introduces no damage to tested fiber or interference to the service on fiber. OFI-20A is able to identify wide-spectrum signals (such as signals in CATV system) and can be used in SONET/SDH & DWDM systems tests.

  • Handheld & sturdy
  • CW/MOD tones detection
  • Non-destructive detection
  • Fiber types: 250μm, 900μm, 2mm/3mmjacketed fiber
  • Indication of signal presence, strength and direction
  • Buzzer indication
  • CE, FCC certificates


Note: (1) Typical value at 1310/1550nm

  * Specifications subject to change without notice