The Fiber Optics test module for the VeEX® MTTplus adds a full range of Optical test features that support OTDR, OPM, Light Source and VFL.

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

  • Multimode Wavelength options - 850 & 1300 nm
  • Singlemode Wavelength options - 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 & 1650 nm
  • Filtered 1625 or 1650 nm port for in-service PON measurements
  • Live fiber detection to avoid service disruption of active subscribers
  • Dynamic range up to 45 dB for long haul fibers and PON splitters
  • Event dead zone < 1m, Attenuation dead zone < 5m
  • V-Scout link mapping (multiple wavelengths, multi pulse widths)
  • Fixed or Universal optical connectors with UPC or APC interface options

Optical Power Meter (OPM)

  • Optional OPM for LAN, Telco, FTTx and CATV networks
  • Multiple calibrated wavelengths
  • Large 1mm InGaAs detector for standard and high power levels
  • Absolute (dBm, Watts) and Relative (dB) power measurements
  • Optional PONT Wavelength-selective power meter for GPON testing
  • WaveID detection of incoming wavelength from compatible VeEX light source
  • Industry standard optical adaptors available

Optical Light Source (OLS)

  • Optional OLS function based on OTDR laser fitted
  • Stabilized output for insertion loss testing
  • WaveID supports testing of three wavelengths in a single operation
  • CW or modulation modes for use with fiber identifiers
  • Auto Off feature to conserve battery power

Optical Loss test Set (OLTS)

  • Automatic, bi-directional loss testing using optional internal OPM
  • Wave ID detection eliminates setup errors and reduces test time
  • Simplified patchcord referencing via on screen wizard
  • Storage of bi-directional measurements including average results
  • Upload of test results to Fiberizer Desktop or Fiberizer Cloud
  • Optional Optical Return Loss (ORL) test capability

Visual Fault Locator (VFL)


  • Visible laser for patch-panel troubleshooting or localized fault finding
  • CW and 1 Hz operating modes