Mini OTDR for FTTx and Metro Fiber Networks

The FX150 mini OTDR is designed for the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of FTTx, Mobile FrontHaul/BackHaul and Metro fiber networks. The compact, lightweight platform incorporates power meter, light source, fiber inspection probe and VFL test options which add exceptional versatility to the unit.


  • Robust, handheld design for demanding field testing
  • High resolution, 5” TFT color touch-screen suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Fast boot-up and measurement critical for fiber troubleshooting and restoration
  • Intuitive display, simple function keys and touch-screen for fast navigation and easy operation
  • Internal data storage with expandable SD card
  • Micro-USB OTG interface for flash drives, fiber inspection probe connection and test data transfer
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery with capacity indicator, low voltage alarm and Auto-off function
  • Continuous operation of > 9 hours without having to recharge batteries
  • Built-in WiFi option to perform software upgrades and for uploading test data via wireless Internet connection
  • Built-in Bluetooth option for pairing applications with Mobile Smartphones and Tablet PCs


  • FTTx optimized parameters for best dead zones
  • Filtered 1625 or 1650 nm OTDR port for in-service measurements
  • Live fiber detection with embedded power meter
  • Dynamic range up to 39 dB
  • Event dead zone < 1m, attenuation dead zone < 4m
  • Singlemode wavelength options - 1310, 1550, 1625 and 1650 nm
  • Multimode wavelength options - 850 and 1300 nm
  • Telcordia SR-4731.sor file formats
  • Generate and save traces in sor, png or pdf format
  • Auto mode with automated trace diagnostics, simplified setup and events detection
  • Optional V-Scout mode - Intelligent Link Map using intuitive icons derived from multi-pulse width and multi-wavelength acquisitions
  • Markers for distance, attenuation, reflectance and splice loss measurements
  • Optional universal interface with interchangeable optical adaptors (SC, ST, FC, LC) for OTDR port
  • Power meter, light source, fiber inspection probe and VFL options
  • Remote measurement via USB or WiFi connection using Fiberizer Desktop software