MTT Plus-520 AnyDSL

AnyDSL Module


The MTTplus-520 AnyDSL module addresses key test requirements for IP based services deployed over a ‘universal’ DSL Access network.

The MTTplus AnyDSL test module features VDSL2 and ADSLx physical layer tests and IP Services testing, including true VeTest speed test, enabling providers to ensure their services are properly delivered to end users.


  • XTU-R CPE Emulation for ‘Any’ Access ADSLx and VDSL2 technologies
  • Key DSL Metrics including Data Rate, SNR Margin, and line errors
  • Supports the following optional configurations: Annex A only; Annex B only; Dual Annex A Bonding; Annex A + Annex B
  • Latest DSL innovations including Vectoring and Retransmission
  • IP Services Testing, including VeTest throughput
  • Future support for and Vplus 35b
  • Future support for LTE offload over DSL applications