Preventative Network Monitoring

The CX380X Advanced Test Probe for Return and Forward Path monitoring, features advanced Spectrum Analysis, QAM Health, and Burst QAM Demodulator capabilities. As part of VeEX's VeSion system, the CX380X goes beyond the bread and butter 24/7 monitoring of Return Path nodes' noise levels against well-established alarm thresholds. CX380X provides a series of expert measurements for detection of rogue cable modems, enabling identification of potential network-affecting issues. The probe can also be used as a standalone on any existing systems as an overlay. Ultimately, the real-time location of a rogue cable modem is identified, so that a field technician can be dispatched to deal with the problem. Such proactive, preventative maintenance practices maximize the effectiveness of the costly truck roll, yielding OPEX savings.



  • Complete web-based solution compatible with any web browser
  • With VeSpec iOS and Android applications, access your return path nodes with your mobile devices
  • 3U Rackmount unit with 16 RF inputs ports
  • CX380X connects to the back of the CX180R for Return Path signal access and to AT1702 series switches for Forward Path signal access
  • Factory calibration - eliminates unexpected insertion loss introduced by external matrix switches
  • Flexible distributed architecture for easy expansion, increased reliability, and reduced system down time
  • Secured IP connection for access from any location with Internet connection via remote terminals or VeEX portable test sets
  • Interfaces with VeEX portable test sets to enable Sweep, Ingress and Digital Signal measurements for complete single person Return Path troubleshooting
  • Built-in switch with low noise and 10 dB insertion gain, ideal for Forward Path Performance monitoring