CATV Forward Path Monitoring System

The CX180F is a rackmount monitoring system to check the performance of analog and digital channels being transmitted downstream or toward customers across a CATV HFC network. Equipped with three test ports, key signal parameters including level, BER, MER, and Constellation are scanned continuously and non-intrusively. Advanced spectrum analysis across the entire operating frequency band, detects ingress which can lead to signal impairment and/or failure. The ReVeal CX180F controller/server package which forms an integral part of the system, continuously checks for signal values that exceed user defined thresholds. Out of tolerance parameters trigger alarms which inform and alert the headend operator of problematic links and service.



  • 3 Independent monitoring ports in one 1U 19” rack mount unit
  • Monitors Analog, Digital TV channels and FM carriers
  • Fast continuous scan of all active channels
  • On demand channel camp-on for long term analysis
  • Detailed digital channel QAM 64/256 analysis with constellation
  • On demand ingress noise scan from 5 to 1000MHz
  • Ethernet system interface to CX180F Server and Controllers
  • vSecured access to prevent unwanted intrusion
  • Cost effective solution for small headend deployment yet easy for future expansion